The entire body was scanned and checked for abnormalities by Peter. It was amazing to watch. From this experience, I was able to learn more about the issues that were affecting my health. Despite eating all the right foods and starving myself at meal times I could not lose weight, I even tried using expensive product workout products because their explanation was it was easy to use and highly effective. Peter scans pinpointed that I was not absorbing nutrients from my food vitamins and supplements. That the bloating, wind and the reflux issues were due to food intolerances that were sitting in my guts and there was actually a physical reason for my depression. Thank you Peter for getting me started on learning what foods are my friends so I can lead a normal life.
Mary Dobbrick Coomera, Queensland
I was at my wits end “ when she decided to give the Peter’s Allergy Testing analysis test and wellness system a go. Her son William was 4 weeks old when she stopped breast feeding him and shortly after his behaviour changed dramatically. Although he slept through the nights, he cried inconsolably all day. “I was getting depressed and you get to the point where you don’t enjoy being a mum. It was so taxing.” I was sceptical about the hair analysis at first, but the results made sense and following the program has made all the difference in William and our family’s lives. The results showed Kingston was reacting badly to his formula and a dishwashing liquid Anita was using to wash his bottles. By avoiding these William was restored to his former happy self. “We are so grateful to the Allergy Testing service and would recommend this program to anyone looking for a safe, painless and harmless solution”————
Anita Baker

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