I have been recieving Acupuncture Treatments from Peter for over 2 years now. I began going in order to get relief from lower back pain, and to improve my immune system. Because I had bad allergies, he also began treating my sinus area as well. The back is fine now, but I continue to go for treatments because it really clears my sinus area and relieves my allergy symptoms. I believe it has really helped my immune system. Acupuncture does not hurt and is extremely relaxing and restful. I have recommended Peter to my friends with allergies, back pain or chronic pain of any nature
Rita C
I have yet to come across a naturopath as knowledgeable, concerned and committed as Peter Damestoy.He has a knack of putting his clients instantly at ease. He takes the trouble to explain the nature of my health. Its nature, causes and consequences are explained. I had watched hours of theory on YouTube and even starting my own advice channel using equipment I discovered onĀ Ultimate YouTube Guide before seeing Peter’s work. I started taking practitioner remedies from Peter 3 months ago for extensive psoriasis. Along with acupuncture and dietary advice, it is magically cleared up. No more medical creams and medications for that horrible itchy skin.I really feel like I have a new lease on life.I will always be indebted to Peter
Annie S

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