I have been fortunate to have gained 30 years experience, studied and gained a masters degree and practiced Chinese herbal medicine in China and Australia.

A herbalist is a person that studies herbal medicine, the healing properties of plants.
Plants produce chemicals which have healing properties under certain conditions.
They are natural and form the basis of the medications that are produced and sold
to the public as natural herbal formulas.
Herbalism is known to have existed 60,000 years ago with the Neanderthal civilization. Today it is probably the most popular form of natural medicine because
herbal remedies have been tested over thousands of years and their therapeutic properties are known worldwide.
Modern research has improved clinical accuracy
due to quality control and dosage knowledge. Herbals can interact with pharmacy medications, so you should always check with your physician if unsure.
I sell herbs in tablet and liquid form which takes the effort out of boiling herbs in the raw form which can taste absolutely awful and take heaps of time to prepare.
Herbs are more natural, where as pharmacy medications derived from herbs are synthetically made in a lab and therefore delivers medication which the body rejects
due to its unnatural makeup. Medications can create bio-film or a barrier which creates bio-slime which acts to disguise and band-aid diseases to manage heath concerns.
Only natural products such as herbs, homeopathic drops, nutritional formulas deal with the best presentation and most available form to penetrate and cure disease.
With herbal medicine or any other type of chemical natural therapy, patience is required to achieve optimum results.
“There is no such thing as a quick fix”
The most basic health problems take at least 3 months time.

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